Director of Photography
You can download a PDF of my CV by clicking here
PRODUCTION                                                DIRECTOR                      COMPANY/PRODUCER

Call the Midwife                                            Lisa Clarke                      Annie Tricklebank Neal Street Productions

Scott & Bailey                                               Simon Delaney               Nicola Shindler Tom Sherry Red Productions
                                                                        Noreen Kershaw
                                                                        Neasa Hardiman

Hank Zipzer                                                   Matt Bloom                    Anne Brogan Siobhan Bachman Kindle Entertainment
                                                                         Rebecca Rycroft

A Touch of Cloth 90 min TV Feature          Jim O’Hanlon                 Charlie Brooker Annabel Jones Adam Tandy Zeppetron/Sky

Young Dracula 13 x 30 min                         Mathew Evans               Lis Steele BBC
                                                                         Menhaj Huda
                                                                         Simon Massey

Come Fly With Me 6 x 30 min                       Paul King                       Adam Tandy Geoff Posner Little Britain/BBC

Revengers Tragedy Feature Film                  Alex Cox                        Revengers Ltd/ Bard Ent Margaret Matheson Tod Davies

Legless Channel 4 feature                             Matt Greenhalgh          Nicola Shindler Tom Sherry

Sunshine (3x1hr)                                              Craig Cash                     Jellylegs for BBC Nicola Shindler John Rushton

Moving On                                                        Dominic West                Jimmy McGovern Colin Mckeown LA Prods/BBC
                                                                           Gary Williams
                                                                           Julia Ford

Acid Burn                                                          Matt Greenhalgh          Nicola Shindler Brett Wilson

Hope Springs 2 x 1hr                                     Dermot Boyd                   Spencer Campbell Shed Productions/BBC1

The Outsiders 1 x 90 min ITV feature     Andy Goddard                 Campus Manor Prods Bill Boyes Carolyn Reynolds